Wealth and Privilege

Historic Fiction
2013 / 2015

Boy meets girl, falls in love at first sight. Oops, she’s already married. Bad planning. She becomes a friend and a muse, helps him find his voice. He knows that no one gets to capture their own muse, but he can dream, can’t he…?



Vivid imagery is used to make the reader feel like they are truly experiencing the time this novel takes place in. I was a huge fan of Jeanette Watts writing style. I felt like everything flowed effortlessly.

Characters are the heart of a novel. It is very important to have all of the characters bring something to the novel and I felt like this was done through and through. Characters both major and minor each brought their own touches to the novel.

A great historic read.

Jeanette Watts is a dance instructor and performer of many different kinds of dance, a costumer, a former television producer, and a big softie who can’t learn to say no when people need help with their festivals. It makes it really difficult for her to get time to write.




Twitter: @JeanetteAWatts    


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Wealth and Privilege

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