YA supernatural romance novel with NA and contemporary fantasy appeal
Date Published: April 2016
“Hayden is alive.” Those three words hurl Kate and her friends towards a mission unlike any other. While honing Kate’s Asteri powers, Kate and Alex delve deeper into their relationship as they untangle Kate from Sarah’s past. Zoe and Evan are entrusted with the task of destroying a magical ring and finding a cure for a poison that threatens their existence. And Nick is determined to locate and free Hayden from whatever monster imprisons her. Working together, their success will ensure that Hayden will no longer be a ghost sketched on paper, but a woman reborn to thrive in Nick’s arms.
What a series this has been as a whole.
I liked the diversity of both this individual novel and the previous installments. They pull together Supernatural along with Action/Suspense and Romance, all of which are executed well and come together seamlessly.
Since this is a third in a series, it didn’t take long for the action to begin and the story to unfold. We get a little bit of a catch up, but then we dive directly into the action.
I really enjoyed the fact that Karen Tjebben was able to surprise me a couple of times. I always like a novel that keeps me guessing.
I wasn’t always on board with all of these characters, but their actions kept me guessing, that’s for sure.
About the Author

Story time always captivated Karen.  As a child, she fell in love with books that transported her to different worlds and introduced her to new creatures. As a teacher, she encouraged her students to explore different times and new worlds through literature.  Now, when Karen isn’t living in reality with her husband and daughters, she can be found creating an alternate reality filled with creatures and worlds that she hopes will delight and raise goose bumps on her readers.
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One thought on “Synchronicity

  1. Thank you for your help with the SYNCHRONICITY book tour. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the series. It was fun creating another dimension and conjuring up unique characters in the Scintillate series. It allowed me to experiment with creativity and think outside of the box, but now I’m thrilled to enter the romance/thriller genre. BLOOD KISS is the title of the first book in my Savage Security series. It is now available at Amazon.


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