The Red Room

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Psychological Thriller
Date Published: 18 October 2018
Publisher: Landmark Media
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A trusting wife, a perfect husband… a buried secret.
Jane likes the quiet life, living in a cottage on the edge of a small village in Yorkshire.
Her husband works in London during the week and comes home at the weekends.
Jane thinks she has the perfect life.
The one traumatic event of her life is safely buried and forgotten – until a letter arrives that makes her question everything she thinks she knows…
Should she risk destroying her idyllic life to find the truth?
The Red Room is a haunting psychological thriller about identity, memory and confronting our innermost fears. Can we ever really trust the ones we love?


I thoroughly enjoyed the premise and really think this novel could have been elevated just a bit with a more creep factor. There was some creepiness, but not enough for my tastes and what I expected from the synopsis. I want stories like this to haunt me after the fact and that didn’t really happen here.
With that being said, I think that on all other aspects the writing duo of M S Morris really delivered. Their writing seemed effectively controlled and you couldn’t tell you were reading two peoples words.
This is a ride in which you will have many different guesses as to what is happening and you probably won’t guess what is actually happening at all. Not a huge crazy surprise, but just not predictable either.

About the Authors

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M S Morris is the pseudonym for the writing partnership of Margarita and Steve Morris. Together they write psychological thrillers and crime novels. The Red Room is their first joint project. The couple are married and live in Oxfordshire.


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