Chasing Quetzalcoatl to the American Dream



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in the Southwest, this is a story of soul evolution – the story of a soldier
who came back from Vietnam and knew he had to adapt to a rapidly changing
world.  The story chronicles his
transformation from a soldier to a man of God, but for him the process of
change was not always kind.  Making his
journey more difficult is the fact that he comes from a mixture of two
cultures, Native American (Navajo) and white.
He encounters people who are further along the path in their soul
evolution than he is, along with incredible obstacles to his education and
business endeavors.  But most
importantly, he must learn to reconcile his warrior nature with God’s plan for
the Author

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Godwin received his BA in English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and
his MA in English literature from Temple University in Philadelphia.  He was the Robert Sterling Clark scholar in
classics at St. John’s College in Sante Fe, New Mexico, and he holds an MBA
from the University of Pittsburgh.  He is
the author of True Philadelphia Stories (aa collection of short stories and
essays)< three novels – “Chasing Quetzalcoatl TO The American Dream:,
:Down and Out in Philadelphia and New York:, and “Through THe Dark Looking
Glass” and an anthology of poetry, “As You Sow”.  He lives in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.



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