The Lonely Hearts Bar

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Fiction, New Adult
August 14, 2007
Publisher: Editus Publishing
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With high hopes of conquering Hollywood, the novel’s main character goes to Los Angeles to study directing and screenwriting. On the way, she ends up at a
roadside bar that uncannily links the destinies of the main characters, who had given up everything to follow their dreams. What’s in store for the young
rebels in Los Angeles? Does your dream have another side, one that’s just as enigmatic and invisible as the far side of the Moon?


This book has a lot going on and it is a bit all over the place at times, but if you engage yourself and follow along, the characters connections and relationships will really shine through.
I liked the cinematic element to this book, which lent another layer.
It is a fast read and there is a lot that happens from page to page in order to keep your interest and the plot flowing.
I think the hard part was that it was a bit disjointed at times, so if the author can find a way to mend things so that they flow a bit smoother, that would be great and really heighten the reading experience for the reader.
About the Author

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the age of 11 Konni has been writing books. When she came of age she moved from
a small abandoned town to Moscow where she exchanged the dream of “becoming a
director” for the profession “doctor.” Now at the ripe old age of 21 years old,
Konni is enjoying the acclaim of The Lonely Hearts Bar and working on her next
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