A Woman’s Persuasion


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Lesbian Fiction
Date Published:  October 2019
Anne Elliot broke off her relationship with Freddie Wentworth when her family didn’t approve. Almost eight years later, Freddie re-materializes in her life. She’s a captain in the Air Force, successful, single, and as beautiful as ever. Mortified that she doesn’t have much to show for the intervening years, Anne tries to avoid her. When contact is inevitable, her life is turned upside down. Self-doubt becomes self-improvement, old wounds are reopened and then allowed to heal, and true friends and true love win in the end.


First of all, because Cover Love is a real thing, I wanted more from this book cover. It does a great job of depicting the characters, but it isn’t eye catching enough. But with that being said, don’t judge the book by that. The words in between the covers are perfect. I loved this story, I loved the emotion, connection, drama, real life situations, dilemma’s, etc all woven in this story. It’s a very real story with very believable characters and situations. It’s light at times and heavy at times, but balanced in the best way. Jeanette Watts has written a captivating story.
About the Author:

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Jeanette Watts was happily writing historical fiction when she got the idea for her first Jane Austen-inspired novel, Jane Austen Lied to Me. Going to a JASNA event to work on selling that book, she attended a lecture that asked, “Why does everyone rewrite Pride and Prejudice so much more than her other novels? Why doesn’t anyone rewrite Persuasion?”
So she had to…
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