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Date Published: Aug 7th 2019
 Publisher : Phenomenal One Press
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Homeschooling and Working While Shaping Amazing Learners is a nuts to bolts guide for working parents who want to groom exceptional learners through the flexibility of homeschooling. Learn to juggle working and homeschooling your kids while maintaining your sanity. Also, use aspects of homeschooling for after-schooling when traditional school isn’t working. Single parents are given options for executing homeschooling or after schooling methods that work in practical bits for the busy parent. Learn how to take your child from an average student to an exceptional student by exploring the possibilities shown in the section on acceleration of learning. From pre-K to Homeschooling College, open your eyes to the many options in flexibility this approach to learning can give. You can homeschool and work to shape amazing learners by exploring the possibilities.


Recipe for Selecting The Best Curriculum For Your Child

by LM Preston


One of the most daunting tasks for a homeschooling parent is finding the right curriculum. That task becomes even more intimidating when you are a working parent who has to manage homeschooling. Finding a curriculum that works for your child starts with being realistic in your expectations.


There is a recipe for selecting the best possible curriculum for your child, but it may not be what you think it is.


When you first start homeschooling, the task of selecting a curriculum is overwhelming. Take a deep breath and realize that what works for one child may not work for your child – or you as a working parent.




Learning Style is a big part of finding a compatible curriculum for your child. However, you can still use curriculum that may not fit perfectly by overlapping exposure to a subject by reinforcing the topic with the child’s learning style for presentation.


The child’s attention span. This is where traditional school really misses the mark. Take the time to learn your child. Observe how many minutes that they can actually be engaged in focused attention for audio, visual, read, and interactive information. Then keep that number to find realistically how much time your child can focus in spurts.


Gaps in learning can stagger a student’s progress. Identify the learning gaps in order to find a curriculum that can fill in and reinforce those knowledge gaps.




Personality Type plays heavily in learning, ability, interest and ways to communicate. Have fun and learn yours and your family’s personality types to understand how best to work with one another, to understand challenges that may arise between siblings or even you and your child. It is a way to identify how best to work and encourage healthy relationships between your child and you.


Love language of your child is important. Learning how your child needs to receive affirmation from you as the parent. This is the extra topping on building a great relationship with your child.


Your availability for one-on-one time. If it is limited, you may have to find curriculum that will do most all the teaching, and you will be the follow up (sort of like helping child with homework). To do that successfully, filling in the gaps and meeting your child’s learning style needs makes a big difference.


By LM Preston, Author of Building Your Empowered Steps and Homeschooling and WorkingWhile Raising Amazing Learners. Purchase her books Amazon and Barnes and Noble


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About the Author
LM Preston is an author, engineer, former college professor, and working mother who’s been married for over twenty-five years. She homeschooled 3 of her 4 children from elementary school and beyond while she and her husband worked outside their home. Three of her kids graduated with degrees by the age of 17 years old.
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