A Season of Whispers by @jacksonkuhl – Tour by @RABTBookTours


Gothic Mystery/Horror

Publisher: Aurelia Leo

Date Published: 08-10-2020 / 

Audibook Launch April/May 2021


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In the summer of 1844, Tom Lyman flees to Bonaventure, a transcendentalist
farming cooperative tucked away in eastern Connecticut, to hide from his
past. There Lyman must adjust to a new life among idealists, under the
fatherly eye of the group’s founder, David Grosvenor. When he
isn’t ducking work or the questions of the eccentric residents, Lyman
occupies himself by courting Grosvenor’s daughter Minerva.

But Bonaventure isn’t as utopian as it seems. One by one,
Lyman’s secrets begin to catch up with him, and Bonaventure has a few
secrets of its own. Why did the farm have an ominous reputation long before
Grosvenor bought it? What caused the previous tenants to vanish? And who is
playing the violin in the basement? Time is running out, and Lyman must
discover the truth before he’s driven mad by the whispering through
the walls.

A Season of Whispers is Jackson Kuhl’s debut novel of Gothic mystery,
transcendentalist utopianism, and antediluvian hunger.




Jackson Kuhl has done an amazing job of developing multi dimensional characters. This allows the reader to connect to them in the beginning and be captivated throughout the story.  I love being about to picture everything about my characters and what they are doing.
While you have the main character, Lyman, Kuhl also explores deeper into other characters lives as well giving another layer to the story.  
It’s creepy and dark in the best kind of way. It draws a reader in and the mystery is so well done. You will be drawn into the mysteries and trying to keep up with the many plot-twists. The darkness allowed to heighten my experience and added to the quick pace at which I devoured the novel. 



About the Author

 Jackson Kuhl is the author of the Gothic novel A Season of Whispers and the
Revolutionary War biography Samuel Smedley, Connecticut Privateer. Kuhl has
written for Atlas Obscura, Connecticut Magazine, the Hartford Courant,
National Geographic News, and other publications. He lives in coastal


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