Kyle & Corey and the Game-Store Mystery @RABTBookTours


Middle grade/Y/A Mystery

Date Published: 6/25/21

Publisher: Covefe Press


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Brothers Kyle and Corey Holley (15 and 12) live Brothers Kyle and Corey
Holley live in Fairly Springs, a small southern beach town. Kyle is a
budding engineer; Corey is impetuous, funny, and baseball-crazy. Like most
brothers, they fight often, but they also solve crimes. When the town
experiences a rash of home robberies, Kyle and Corey decide to investigate.
They learn that in each robbery, the thieves stole a high-end desktop


Why? What are they looking for? And how soon till they find it? Other
complications include Corey’s wheelchair-bound math tutor, Kyle’s
after-school job in a local video-game store and a revolutionary new video
game launching soon. Kyle and Corey: Brothers. Best Friends. Detectives.
They don’t go looking for trouble; it has them on speed dial!




This story is above all else, fun and well-written. The main characters are really well developed over the course of the story.

Mystery, a sense of wonder, humor, and mystery are at the forefront and definitely come through and the value is quickly understood and appreciated by the young readers.

A story of mystery and suspense that leads to understanding how to change difficulties into solutions.
It is an entertaining story that shows children the power of their choices.

I love that the audio was able to have the humor come through the pages. These characters really shined.



About the Author

JOE STEPHENS has been a fan of boys’ adventure books all his life, and in
this, his first series book, he’s created two boys as memorable as Frank and
Joe Hardy. He has a background in education and has also visited more than
thirty countries while pursuing his passion for scuba diving. He lives in
Georgetown with his growing family and three thoroughly spoiled cats.


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One thought on “Kyle & Corey and the Game-Store Mystery @RABTBookTours

  1. Thanks for hosting me today, and thanks especially for the great book review! I love that other people are enjoying this series! I look forward to connecting with your readers!


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