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The Winemakers, Book One


Historical Romance

Date Published April 25, 2022


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“A headstrong Portuguese meets her match in the arrogant Englishman
who threatens her beloved vineyards. Dive deep into Portugal’s rich culture
in this intoxicating story about wine and love.”


Portugal, 1870


 A winemaker desperate to save her vineyards…

Julia Costa is the best winemaker in the Douro. When a greedy tradesman
threatens the land her family has held for generations, Julia prepares to
defend her legacy and independence by any means necessary.


The Englishman sent to uncover her secrets…

The last thing Griffin Maxwell wants is to waste time mired in a Portuguese
backwater. Still, to guarantee a partnership with Oporto’s largest trading
firm, he agrees to travel up the Douro river and chase some reluctant


A meeting of two cultures…

Nothing prepared Griffin for the headstrong winemaker. Alluring, she tempts
him into enjoying Portugal’s vibrant tastes and is a threat to his carefully
constructed plans. The arrogant Englishman arrived at Julia’s lands,
believing himself entitled to everything, including her heart. But how can
she resist an attraction headier than a vintage?


An enemy too powerful to fight alone…

When a mysterious plague decimates Europe’s vineyards, Griffin and Julia
put differences aside to find a cure, blind-tasting their way into an
intoxicating passion. But reality demands an answer: will they choose their
ambitions or the love of a lifetime?

About the Author

Giovanna Siniscalchi chased narrative arcs and climax points in the Nasdaq
for twelve long years working as an economist. Still, her romantic
imagination was wasted in the financial markets, so she decided to put it to
better use: write fiction. She is married and has two great kids. Her
passions are eclectic, including reading, traveling, surfing, wine, and of
course, historical romance.).


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One thought on “The True Purpose of Vines – @RABTBookTours @BookBuzznet

  1. A lovely cover and an intriguing synopsis encourage me to read this story and I am pleased to see that this book is the first in a series. Thank you for sharing the author’s bio and book details


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