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Sharer Mystery, Book 2


Historical Mystery

Date Published: April 12, 2022

Publisher: MindStir Media


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Grant Sharer just solved the mystery of great entertainment

Hollywood, 1948

The Supreme Court is forcing Major Hollywood Studios to sell their movie
palaces marking the final curtain for filmdom’s Golden Age.  The
Department of Justice is threatening criminal prosecution for the Tinsel
Town´s most powerful Moguls.  Backstage an international Egyptian
heroin ring threatens the future of the U.S.

Grant Sharer, the Studio system´s number one scandal fixer, fighting
to help a struggling actor battle discrimination, is caught in an undertow
of corruption that leads from the highest court in the land to the lowliest
studios on Poverty Row.

Take a thrill ride from Cairo to California.  From a secret New York
Subway Station to the heights of LA´s iconic Planetarium. 

For Grantland Sharer, pitted against the most powerful men in America,
there´s only one way out.

Exit Clause

The greatest scandal is not reading it.




A mystery with a keen eye. We’re off to solve a whodunit that is clever with twists and turns galore.
Expert composition and timing culminate in a portrait of a complex mystery!
Highly recommend this mystery, which is sure to please.

About the Author

As primetime Emmy nominated television producer, writer and director at
Walt Disney Studios, Phil May filmed on every major studio back lot in
Hollywood.  He directed such Golden Era stars as Bette Davis, Helen
Hayes, Gregory Peck, Jimmie Stewart, many more and avidly garnered their

In retirement Phil  teaches College level film classes of his own
design; ¨The Moguls¨,¨ McCarthy in the Media¨,” Film
Noir¨, ¨America´s Great Mid-Century Directors¨ 
¨Film Language¨  ¨The Hollywood Style¨ ¨Hitler Vs.
Hollywood¨,  and many others. 

As a film historian, teacher and a former insider, Phil devised this novel
to appeal to classic film lovers.  “My audience, he says,  is
the avid TCM fan,  people who love movies and who read.”

Every chapter is infused with obscure insights into the history of studios,
movie making and the inner workings of the Hollywood Golden Age.

And the lead character, Grantland Sharer,  is nuanced and likeable
enough to generate a lot of encores. 


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