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Historical Fiction

Date Published: October 2022

Once upon a time, there was an age of kings. An age of mighty kingdoms and
dynasties ruling over vast stretches of land with unlimited wealth and
unmatched renown. But the memory of man is fickle and short lived. Common
tales passed unto history, history became lore and lore faded into

These stories will give you a momentary glimpse into the lives of the kings
and the queens. They would tell you of the lives these men and women lived
and the challenges they faced – from incapable princes to indecent
relations, from sharp swords to seductive traps and from single minded greed
to selfless sacrifices.

Be warned however, that you will feel their fears and their pains. Your
heart will burn with rage, and chaos will stupor your thoughts. It would be
sad, and it would be ruinous, but it would surely be magnificent!

About the Author

Rupendra born in New Delhi, India, observed, at a very early age, his
father burning the midnight oil on his trusty writing pad and Remington

Now settled in the rural outskirts of Toronto, Canada, with his wife and
two dogs. he has taken up a hobby very similar to his father’s. His
aim is to tell stories that grab the reader’s attention and pack an
emotional punch.

To get in touch with him visit his website at


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