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Christian Nonfiction

Date Published: August 12, 2020


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Good dogs are obedient, loving, loyal, protective, and friendly. They honor
their masters, bark only at the right times, and inspire us to be better
through heroism, perseverance, and selflessness. Dogs have weak moments, too.
They poop blue, jump out of car windows, and, at times, might be nicknamed
the “Devil Dog.”Better Than Our Dogs uses funny and engaging
stories to illustrate timeless lessons from the book of James. Each chapter
offers practical advice, challenges readers to determine which dog they are
most like, and encourages everyone to be better today. Better friends. Better
people. Better followers of God.

About the Author

John J. Murray Jr. is the award-winning author of Better Than Our Dogs. He
leads Bible study groups with members from across the country. After leaving
private practice as an attorney, John won the League for Innovation in the
Community College Excellence Award as the Paralegal Program Director and law
instructor at Alvin Community College. He lives in Texas with his wife,
Lana, and their dog, Chloe.


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