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Date Published: July 2022

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press


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My mother called me a thrill seeker as a kid. That continued to be a fair
assessment throughout my life, but with unforeseen consequences. For 57
years I managed to cheat death as I endured accidents such as a head-on car
collision that catapulted me through two windshields or hitting a telephone
pole at 110 MPH on a motorcycle, to name just a couple. But none of these
true-life experiences compared to what came after my cancer diagnosis. In
this book I use words to paint you alongside as I detail all my incredible
life challenges and experiences. Ride along the emotional roller coaster
that includes 17 surgeries and the domino effect of events that resulted.
After the cancer diagnosis, an internal fight also ensued. It was the mental
battle against the shadowy figures on my shoulders who constantly whispered
morbid thoughts.

About the Author

Perry Muse is a U.S. Army veteran, businessperson for over 30 years,
entrepreneur, artist, husband, Father, and author. He has been listed in the
Who’s Who of Music and the Who’s Who of Business Leaders. Perry
is also a lifelong survivor of death-defying accidents. In 2017 he was
diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. This life changing event required him to
reach deep inside and find courage, faith, and to become an expert intellect
about his conditions and treatments. Perry’s writing is entertaining,
funny, extremely educational, and most importantly, all unbelievably true.
Today he lives in Johnson City, Tennessee with his wife and 3 dogs.


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